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How great are these

silasip cup covers..."' 

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#1:  What's in a name? 

After our first year in business, we decided it was time to get some help with our branding as it was becoming clear, that our original name 'silasip', was a name that was causing some confusion... So, same product just a new name that we think really fits with the product. ez-sip a spout free, reusable, stretchable lid that makes drinking from a cup ez...


#2: Why does it have tabs?

Being stretchable allows the ez-sip lid to comfortably fit over a range of different size cups, glasses or beakers.

The tabs help you to adjust the fit  and position the drinking hole, if you need to, once ez-sip is on your cup.

ez-sip fits cup sizes with a diameter from 6cm - 9cm.
ez-sip comes as a pack of 2 in a handy re-sealable and reusable bag so you can take one with you when you are out and about.


#3: Why is it almost clear?

Most cups are solid colour and the only way to see how much is in your cup is by looking in it.

Being semi-transparent ez-sip allows you to get a better idea of what's in your cup.

Great for little ones getting the hang of how far to tilt their cup when drinking.


#4: Why is there no air hole?

Being designed for children starting to drink from a cup, there is no need for a fast flowing cup. ez-sip helps to promote sipping before gulping.

It allows for more control on the speed of the flow.

Also useful for when being used by the elderly and physically impaired.

An air hole creates a faster flow and that is not what you want in these situations. It also means a lot less spillage!


#5: How do I use it?

Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and then just enjoy the freedom that comes with ez-sip.

1:   Make sure your ez-sip lid is dry.

2:  Fill your child's cup with your chosen drink.

3:  Stretch the ez-sip over the top of the cup using both hands.

4:  Adjust the tabs to make sure it's snug.

We hope you enjoy being part of the ez-sip family....

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#6: We value your feedback

If you have any questions or would like to know more about ez-sip then please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you

Claire and the team

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