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Christmas Weaning Tips

Katie Shelton from Scrummy Tummies, shares with us, her tips for weaning over Christmas.

Starting weaning can be a stressful time but it can also be a very exciting time which is why some of you will want to start weaning over the christmas period. A time when you’re surrounded by friends and family. To make the most of this special time I have put together my top tips for starting weaning over the Christmas period.

1. To make sure your baby can enjoy everything that’s on offer, ask your guests to add salt to their meals when it’s on their plate. This way you don’t have to add salt when cooking.

2. Offer your baby a variety of foods. Brussel sprouts, parsnips, carrots, peas, broccoli and Turkey all make great first foods for your baby.

3. Gravy can be high in salt. Make the gravy with a low salt stock cube such as Kallo and your baby can enjoy some gravy too.

4. Feed your baby at their usual mealtime. Even if this means giving them their meal at their usual time but then also including them at the table for your Christmas Dinner.

5. If you are due to start weaning on Christmas Day then offer your baby food a few days before so you know what to expect and they are not overwhelmed.

6. If your baby does become overwhelmed on the day then take them to a quiet room and try again when things are calmer or leave it to another day.

7. Reduce food waste by making bubble and squeak with your leftovers. Something the whole family can enjoy the next day, including your baby.

8. Use your ez-sip lid to reduce the risk of spillages. You don’t want your baby to get their Christmas outfit wet and the lid help will help support your baby to transition to drinking from an open cup.

9. Remember to relax, have fun and enjoy these very special moments.

For more great advice on all things weaning, over Christmas and throughout the year, head on over to Scrummy Tummies where Katie will guide you through getting started on your weaning journey and beyond.

Did you find this useful? Let us know your favourite weaning tips in the comments.

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