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"I love these! They are great, no more spills and so easy to use. And even though my nearly 2 year old tried-he couldn't get it off the cup!

- Claire Hall

"We use them everywhere. 

They are more convenient than carrying a sippy cup and they feel much more grown up using them too."

- Lisa Renee Compain

"Highly recommended! I love ours and it does exactly what it's supposed to!

A brilliant idea."

- Louise Caunce


BLOG: My Bump to Baby

How to stop my toddler spilling juice...

One of my greatest challenges I have come across on my parenting journey has to be finding a cup that the kids can both use.  

We have tried everything from beakers to straw cups, and no matter what I have used, they always seem to find a way to spill their juice everywhere, they especially like spilling their juice on our new carpets and new sofa!  


We found that using a normal beaker made snack times and meal times very… wet and very messy!!!  I have often Googled “How to Stop my toddler spilling juice?” but have never had much luck in finding anything that would help....

REVIEW: Shop Small For Kids

A Great Addition to Any Family...

I was very eager to try the lid with my youngest Emilia-Rose.

Emilia-Rose is two years old but with having two older siblings Emilia is always very insistent on drinking from a cup. I only tend to give Emilia a few mouthfuls because I can guarantee there will be a spillage or a few food items floating in there.

The @ezsip_lids was easy to fit onto an ikea children’s plastic cup. I made sure I pulled down all the sides tightly to get a snug fit and to make sure the position the drinking hole was next to the edge of the cup. Emilia was sat ready for her drink and her face lit up when she saw the cup. Emilia-Rose took to the lid like a duck to water finding it very funny that she had a cup plus it made snack and dinner times more enjoyable!


BLOG: Mummy in Devon

 ez-sip -I am over the moon with this product

We are at that age...Olivia wants to drink from a cup like her big sister, now that's all well and good but it makes meal/snacks times incredibly...wet so when Claire from ez-sip asked us to try out her clever design of silicone, spoutless lids I snapped up the offer.


It makes my life a lot easier, no more tantrums at the dinner table because she wants her sisters cup, no impromptu baths for Olivia and due to its stretchiness it fits almost every cup, it is incredibly easy to clean and also dishwasher safe - bonus!!!

BLOG: Story Sense

ez-sip...It really is that easy

These are a GAME CHANGER when it comes to introducing the ability to drink something other than milk to a baby.  


I wish I had discovered these when George was smaller but by the time I had been introduced to them he was already confidently drinking from a normal open cup. 

When your little one begins weaning, one of the first things you will start to introduce is a cup or bottle for water. I mean, let's face it, they make enough of a mess when they are learning to eat as it is.

I guess you could have two attitudes towards this; the 'they have already made a mess so let them carry on' attitude, or the 'let's avoid making any more mess than is necessary' kind of attitude. I am definitely all for the latter.

So off I went to find a drinking solution where spillage wasn't a problem...

"We just love #ez-sip lids in our house, our little ones love to be 'big' girls drinking from a grown up cup."

 Jennifer McDonald - Parent & Founder 1 to 1 Maths

"How great are these #ezsip cup covers.? Designed to help little ones get the hang of drinking from a cup - with no spout or straws and a lot less mess.

And they really work...  

 Helen Copson  Founder  


BLOG: Dirt, Diggers & Dinosaurs

"Banishing The Bottle With silasip"

...We have tried to wean James from his bottle with little success, it has proved much more difficult this time round as we just haven’t had the luxury of one to one parenting with another two boys in the picture.

He recognises the fact we drink from cups and tries to copy BUT this does require adult supervision.   

...An afternoon at soft play…always a joy, eh? When we’ve visited before I’ve always taken my own bottle for James and decanted a beaker of juice into it. Not this time… a silasip was popped onto the beaker and James was quite happy to sit and enjoy his lunch and juice without needing adult help.

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