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Meet the


Rose, Claire, Tyler and Royden

"ez-sip comes as a pack of 2 in a handy re-sealable and reusable bag so you can take one with you when you are out and about."

"Suitable for any age they also help to minimise the major spills from knock downs that busy kids can make."

"ez-sip has no spouts, no valves, is not a bottle, promotes sipping and doesn't use straws, and is really easy to clean"

 A real family affair...

That's us on one of our epic adventures and not long after I had started looking for a more simple solution that would help my daughter Rose as she looked to become ever more independent without any more mess!


Rose was coming up towards one, Tyler was four and like most parents I was juggling a busy house, husband and career so the idea of finding a way to help Rose make the move from a bottle to a cup was pretty high on my agenda...


"I wanted something that gave the real feeling of drinking from a cup. No spouts, no straws and something easy to clean!"


With my husband's help, my two willing assistants and a few minor tweaks to some of our homemade prototypes, we were soon on our way to solving the problem of 'spillage' with Rose being able to drink happily from her ‘grown up’ cup without me hovering around  ready to mop up the mess. 

Keeping the design simple and opting to use the highest quality BPA free food grade silicone means that the #ezsip solution is as practical as it is revolutionary 

By keeping it simple we have developed a product that has far-reaching benefits and not just for children.

- Claire Massingham - Founder

It's Childs Play

Sometimes the most simple solutions really are the ones that help us help others live, grow, be and thrive.

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